« A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. »


Mickaël Porter

Information Systems

ERTUS Consulting offers real solutions to improve the organization of information within your company. 


We propose a process analysis (ISO 9001 type) oriented information system in order to highlight new opportunities for managing your company. The solutions advocated will allow the optimization of your information management process (avoid data redundancy, data security...). The new data management model will bring greater consistency, leading to better compatibility with your customers' expectations.


With our knowledge of the business and the existing solutions, we can help you make the right decisions, especially in order to manage the interfaces between the different company departments (data exchange, formats...). Therefore, ERTUS Consulting offers to assist you in the preparation and adaptation of the software specifications, and preparatory work for the software deployment. This structure will guarantee you the sustainability of your choices and the continuous improvement of your business.  


As a subsidiary of the ERTUS Group, D2E publishes the Process2Wine® software that may become the tool of information management as an extension of our consultants' interventions to structure information within your company.


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