« A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. »


Mickaël Porter

Audits and Appraisal

Audit a service or an activity of your business.


To establish new strategic positioning, ERTUS Consulting offers to carry out an analysis of the technical and the economic data of your company leading to an assessment of your team performance and your production tools.

They are put into perspective in relation to similar organizations' performance (coming from a benchmarking of existing wine estates) and according to your production processes.

Thus, it leads us to the establishment of a technical and economic scenario that meets all your needs.



The valuation of your agricultural and winemaking assets as part of a sale, purchase or inheritance.


In our final report, we go through the market value of each component of your assets. The valuation is made on the basis of market lanes at the time of the assessment, and include a weighting depending on our observations in the field of each item appraised.

Beyond conventional modules of expertise and valuation of the net asset, we offer to value your company shares, whether as land or operational business.

We also go further by offering to study the added value of your brands and to assess the intangible assets of your company, working on the valuation of goodwill. We frequently use this common method to evaluate your business.

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