« A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. »


Mickaël Porter

The Group Ertus

The ERTUS Group gathers companies that have complementary skills in order to provide you a made-to-measure service for the last 10 years.


Who are we ?

The creation of the ERTUS Group started through ERTUS Consulting, which became the leader in its field. To better support its customers, the ERTUS Group owns the D2E firm (Process2Wine software) and ERTUS Consulting International (Canada).


  • ERTUS Consulting: Expert in the wine-growing sector at your service

    ERTUS Consulting offers tailor-made solutions thanks to its team of professional consultants who know the daily stakes of your environment.
  • D2E: The innovative solution for wine production management

    With the Process2Wine software, we offer a web and mobile app, exclusively created for wine production. It enables you to plan and manage all of your work in the vineyard, in the cellar and for bottling/packaging.
  • ERTUS Consulting International: Our activities in North America

    ERTUS Consulting International is our Canadian subsidiary. We offer to our Canadian and American customers, consulting, distribution and integration of our software solution Process2Wine services.
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The development of the ERTUS Group

  • Digital Aquitaine Accreditation (AMI)

    On July 16, 2015, certification by Digital Aquitaine of our project on Connected Viticulture about the automatic and real time modulation of treatment and spreading doses. 

  • Certification of the EXAPTA project

    In April 2014, the Inno'Vin cluster accredits the EXAPTA project, the first large R&D project that moves into the future of viticulture. The Aquitaine Region and the BPI financially support this project. 

  • D2E takeover by ERTUS Management

    Late 2013, the ERTUS Management holding takes control of the D2E company in order to exploit the synergies with the ERTUS Consulting activities. 

  • Release of the georeferenced version of Process2Wine

    The Process2Wine software now has an interface with GPS boxes to track agricultural equipment in the vineyard.

  • Creation of the company ERTUS Consulting International

    On June 17, 2013, ERTUS Consulting International is created. This ERTUS Management subsidiary, based in Canada, is the fulfillment of more than 10 years of activity in Canada. ERTUS Management owns 100% of this Canadian subsidiary. 

  • Creation of ERTUS Management

    In December 2010, Alain Sutre sets up ERTUS Management; this holding actively manages its participation in ERTUS Consulting (100%) and D2E (51%).

  • Creation of ERTUS Consulting

    On June 21, 2000, Alain Sutre set up ERTUS Consulting.

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